David Haye Exclusive: Anthony Yarde is one of the best talents in the world

Boxer Sergey Kovalev
David Haye believes Kovalev can be stopped in Russia
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It's a fight fans have been waiting for and on, Saturday night, Anthony Yarde will finally take on Sergey Kovalev. Betfair Ambassador David Haye believes Yarde is the real deal and will prove it in Russia...

"I’m one of those who believe and I’m taking him to stop Kovalev late in the fight"

Anthony Yarde v Sergey Kovalev
Saturday, 19:45
Live on BT Sport

Anthony is the real deal

Some people have accused Anthony Yarde of being just another hype job, but I believe he is one of the best talents in the world at any weight category. He hasn't been able to show this, as of yet, because he hasn't been scheduled to fight an opponent I would consider to be in the top 10 in the world.

On Saturday in Russia he fights not only a man in the top 10 but a fighter who could easily be ranked in the top three at light heavyweight, many considering Sergey Kovalev to be number one. For Anthony Yarde to jump in with one of the elite fighters on the planet shows just how confident his team are.

Tunde believes in his man

His coach, Tunde Ajayi, has been with Anthony from the start and I remember Tunde telling me about Yarde a long time before he broke onto the scene. That proves Team Yarde knows something and believe in something the rest of us are yet to see. Tunde is not the type of guy to put his fighters in the firing line if he doesn't believe he can win, so I'm confident he fully believes what he is saying, and they'll travel expecting to come away with the belts.

Another reason to believe Yarde can win this is he has picked out such a dangerous fighter and has been begging for this match for quite some time, despite a number of obstacles being placed in his way. He could've taken an easier route, could've earned money by relinquishing his shot, but Team Yarde has really pushed for this one and that says a lot about their chances.

There are easier fights out there, that's for sure. It wasn't too long ago Kovalev was considered on a par with Triple G, fans debating over who was the biggest pound-for-pound puncher. The flame has diminished somewhat since then and he goes into this fight having lost three of his last six fights, but he still has that punch power, that never goes away. Many people would still consider him capable of beating anybody who isn't top five in the world.

Yarde by late stoppage

There's a fair share of critics who still don't believe in Anthony Yarde because they haven't seen the proof yet and others are fully convinced he has what it takes to go all the way. I'm one of those who believe and I'm taking him to stop Kovalev late in the fight. Yarde's skills, speed and hunger will be too much and I'm genuinely looking forward to it. He'll improve the better the fighter he's in with and Anthony has a fan friendly style that'll ensure he's a major name in future.

He goes to Russia but that isn't going to be a problem. I won my world titles on enemy territory, once in France and once in Germany. I know it's not easy, but it can be done. If you believe you're the man, it doesn't matter what country you're in. A ring's a ring and the count of 10 is the same wherever you are in the world.

David Haye,

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