David Haye Exclusive: Odds seems unfair on Joyce in dream fight against Dubois

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Betfair ambassador David Haye believes Joe Joyce has been over-priced
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Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce has been set for April in London. Betfair ambassador David Haye explains why he was surprised by the betting...

"I’m not quite sure why Daniel is such a short price with the traders."

Dream fight for fans

When I heard the rumours of Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce I thought, as many boxing fans did, it's never going to happen. This is the type of dream fight that, ordinarily, doesn't happen. To my astonishment, both fighters signed on the dotted line and both teams should be commended for taking on a highly dangerous challenge.

It's going to be incredibly difficult for either to win this as both men are unbeaten and looking like future world champions. To be, at this stage of their careers, keen to jump into the ring with another up-and-coming prospect who hasn't put a foot wrong so far shows the confidence that exists in both camps.

The fans are in for an almighty spectacle at the O2 Arena on fight night. I will be there ringside, genuinely intrigued by what will happen. This is a bout that will have you on the edge of your seat all the way through.

Both believe they can win

What fans can expect from Dubois v Joyce is a meeting of two fighters who don't know how to lose. Neither has suffered defeat as a professional to date, both have attracted a lot of hype and praise in their careers so far and everybody in and around both camps are expecting their man to, not only win this fight, but to go onto become world champion.

Whenever there's a situation where both sides are supremely confident, that belief filters through to the fighter and they give an improved display, having been taken in by the excitement of it all. What's worth remembering is that neither Daniel nor Joe would have accepted this deal if they weren't 100% confident in victory.

This can only be perceived as a good thing for the fans as it shows both men are willing to take a leap of faith and embark on a risky, 50/50 fight. Whoever wins will be very close to contesting world titles later this year.

Dubois shouldn't be strong favourite

I believe it is a little harsh on Joyce to make Dubois a massive betting favourite to win this fight. Although Daniel holds an advantage with age, if you take a closer look at the career of Joe, you'll see he started boxing at the same age Daniel is currently. He's had to do a lot of learning late, learning to box at the age of 22 whereas Dubois has been training since he was a small kid.

In that respect, they both have a similar level of experience but one has learned the ropes as a child, learning his trade in the amateurs, while the other has come into the game late, using his fantastic height and reach advantages to get through. Making Dubois a strong betting favourite is surprising. I have this fight closer and could make a strong case for either winning.

I'm not quite sure why Daniel is such a short price with the traders. I'm not sure what he has done in any of his previous fights to suggest he is significantly better than Joyce. Perhaps his fights have ended more convincingly, his knockouts more explosive. His KO's are more showreel worthy, taking people out with single shots whereas Joyce takes his time, bludgeoning opponents to the canvas. Both have lots of power.

David Haye,

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