David Haye Exclusive: Wait for the facts before judging Dillian Whyte

Boxer Dillian Whyte
Betfair ambassador David Haye says we shouldn't be quick to judge Dillian Whyte
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Betfair ambassador David Haye gives his thoughts on the Dillian Whyte issue and says fight fans shouldn't believe everything they read...

"It must also be noted he has had countless dope tests via WADA, all of which he passed"

An interesting one

The Dillian Whyte 'failed drug test' situation is a very interesting one. A lot of people have picked up and taken their stories from exactly that, a unsubstantiated internet article with limited facts or conclusive evidence one way or another.

My understanding is this, following an adverse finding in one of Whyte's UKAD dope tests he was notified as such and a hearing was called. The hearing allowed a board of individuals, each whom are deemed qualified to make a judgement around the facts, to ask questions and find out more about the circumstances.

Dillian (or his team) attended this and the board decided, based on the evidence given, that Dillian did not have an unfair advantage and should be allowed to fight Oscar Rivas.

Impossible to pass judgement

The details, we don't know, therefore it is impossible for us to pass judgement as to whether in our opinion this was the right or wrong decision. It must also be noted he has had countless dope tests via WADA, all of which he passed.

As a result of this hearing, which was intended to be a private one for this very reason, being brought to the attention of the masses, his entire boxing career has been thrown into jeopardy and he was suspended of his mandatory WBC position.

I personally reserve judgement until I know all the facts and as I said currently, these are very limited.

Level playing field

To be clear, I believe in a level playing field in all sports, but I also believe that man should be innocent until proven guilty, not the reserve.

Imagine if, what flagged up in the test was nothing more than an anomaly. This witch hunt could seriously jeopardise Dillian Whyte's image and his earning potential as a professional boxer which is completely unfair on him and his team.

Away from this issue, critics should remember Whyte has always fought the best opponents and has always given a great account of himself, even when up against it, entering as the underdog.

David Haye,

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