Quickbets: New football feature means a new game every five minutes

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Every five minutes is a new game with Quickbets, the latest addition to football fixtures on the Betfair Exchange. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this exciting new feature...

Quickbets allow you to back and lay on goals, corners, cards and more in a short-time frame throughout a game.

The great thing about Quickbets is that they increase the number of opportunities to bet on the biggest fixtures, giving traders and bettors more freedom to manage their positions on a game.


Each five-minute window is a new game where the total resets to zero and the preceding Quickbet period's bets are settled.

Expect an underdog to rough up their Fancy Dan opponents early? Laying under 0.5 yellow cards in the first five minutes might be a wise selection.

Or maybe you fancy the more skilful side to tear a lumbering defence to shreds? Over 0.5 goals could be the smarter option.

And even if you're wrong, there's always another five minutes.

If you're fed up of waiting 90 minutes for you Match Odds bets to pay out and want to make the most of your football knowledge, Quickbets are for you.

How Do Quickbets Work?

Each game is divided into five-minute windows, starting with 0:00 to 4:59, running up to 85:00 to 89:59. Events in injury time do not count.

Pre-match, all these markets will be active and available to back or lay according to your reading of the game.

Whatever you choose, the first five-minute market will suspend 30 seconds before the game starts and the events of the following five minutes are logged in accordance with our rules. The next five minute interval suspends at 04:30 minutes and so on throughout the game. Markets are settled as soon as possible after the five minute period has elapsed and all events have been confirmed.

There's 84 minutes gone, it's nil all, and a heavily-favoured home team are laying siege to their opponent's goal? Over 0.5 goals looks very tempting, but over 0.5 corners is a certainty surely?
You decide with Quickbets.

What Quickbets are available?

Each five-minute interval market includes a series of different lines from which to choose. The list of events below shows all the events that can be bet on in any five-minute interval and how they will be settled.

Goal Scored - Over/Under 0.5

These lines will be settled based on the time the ball completely crosses the goal-line, and provided the referee ultimately awards the goal. Any "goals" disallowed or missed by the match officials do not count, but own goals do.

Cards - Over/Under 0.5

Cards are timed as having occurred when the referee raises the card to the player.

Corner Kick - Over/Under 0.5

Corners are deemed to have been awarded when the referee blows their whistle to award the corner or, if they do not blow their whistle, the point at which the referee signals a corner has been awarded.

Free Kick - Over/Under 1.5

For the purposes of settlement of this line, a free kick is awarded once the referee blows their whistle, or signals in the absence of a whistle, for a foul or offside leading to an a direct or indirect free kick. Corners, drop balls, goal kicks and penalty kicks do not count in the settlement of bets on this line.

Throw-in - Over/Under 3.5

A throw-in will be determined to have been awarded when the referee blow their whistle for the throw-in, or when the referee indicates a throw-in has been awarded if they do not whistle.

Penalty - Over/Under 0.5

Similarly, the penalty kick line will be determined by the point at which the referee blows the whistle to award the penalty, or the point at which they indicate a penalty has been awarded if they do not blow their whistle.

Offside - Over/Under 0.5

The offside line will be settled depending on when the referee blows their whistle to award the free-kick for offside, or when the referee signals a free-kick has been awarded if they do not blow their whistle.

Goal Kick - Over/Under 0.5

A goal kick will be recorded when the referee blows the whistle to signal a goal kick, or, if they do not blow their whistle, when the goal-kick is signalled by the referee. Kicks from the hands of the goalkeeper and free kicks taken by the goalkeeper do not count in the settlement of this line.

Quickbet FAQs

What games are Quickbets available on?

Quickbets are currently offered on the highest profile television games from the Premier League and Champions League.

What can I bet on in Quickbet markets?

The lines available on each five-minute Quickbet market are: Goals, Cards, Corners, Free Kicks, Throw-ins, Penalties, Offsides and Goal Kicks.

How are Quickbets settled?

Quickbets are settled based on the timing of events according to the clock displayed on-screen by the broadcaster of the game. In the absence of a broadcast feed, markets will be settled based on the information provided by Betfair's game data providers.

Do Quickbet markets go in-play?

Quickbet markets are available to bet on up to 30 seconds before the start of the five-minute window they cover. As such, they do not go in-play, but every Quickbet market is available to bet on during the game, except for the first five-minute interval which suspends just before the kick-off of the game.

Do events in injury time count at the end of each half?

No, Quickbets are settled based on the events that occur between the time period described in the market title (ie, 0:00 to 04:59). Events in injury time fall outside these times and are not counted in final totals.

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